How we work

The company has a large machine park with C.N. and C.N.C tools that allow us to realize high-precision mechanical machining::

  • Bar turning (from 2 to 4-axis machining with power-driven tools with diameters from Ø 20 to Ø 65 mm, with automatic bar loading);
  • Mono / bi-spindle turning (even unattended) with diameter up to Ø 400 mm and length up to 1.200 mm;
  • Milling, drilling and boring on C.N.C. vertical machining;
  • Cutting with saws;
  • Rolling;
  • Straightening;
  • Gearing.

Batches go from few (prototypes) to thousands of pieces (series production).

We use several types of materials: stainless steel (AISI 304 — AISI 316 — F51), alloy steel (tempered 42CD4, tempered C48, 158NCD5 etc.), bronze, brass, copper, aluminium and cast iron.

See our machine park.